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Wedding: Eric + Meredith

Eric and Meredith’s wedding was a little extra special for me – there’s a sweet back story that I’d like to share.

Meredith’s father Bill, is a retired Rochester firefighter. In the 80’s, my family lived a few houses down from Engine 12 which was the station where Bill worked. One October evening in 1984, my Mom was in labor at home. She didn’t quite make it out the door before it was clear to my parents that there would be no hospital birth as had been planned. My Dad called my grandparents who lived a city block away and told my grandfather to come quick. On the way, my grandfather ran into the fire station and grabbed two firefighters to come with him.  FF Bill Evert and Lt. Bernie Spillman came to the rescue and helped deliver a 7lb 7oz baby girl in a small home on Wisconsin St. in the city. That baby was me.

When I was in jr. high, I wanted to find the firefighters who had come to my mom’s and my aid. So I did some looking and found Bill. We reconnected and and have stayed connected since. Unfortunately, Spillman died saving others in a fire two years after I was born. I never got the chance to meet him or thank him.

So fast forward to this past Saturday. I had the great honor of photographing Meredith and Eric’s wedding. (And my husband officiated their ceremony!) Meredith looked incredible. She is so kind and has such a sweet personality. Eric likewise, is very easy to get along with and so friendly. They were both happy and carefree the entire day. My favorite weddings include brides and grooms who know how to enjoy the moments and not stress. And both Eric and Meredith did this well. The couple married at the Plantation Party House in Spencerport underneath the beautiful fall colors surrounded by their most favorite people. It was perfect.

Congrats to you both – I had so much fun capturing your day, Eric and Meredith! I wish you the absolute best. Thanks for having me be a part of it.

The last picture is of Bill and me at the reception.

Second shooter: Iggy McDonald
Location: Plantation Party House
Flowers: Rockcastle Florist
DJ: Jam N Stam DJ Service
Cake: Gruttadaurias Bakery
Wedding Dress: Heart to Heart

Wedding: Craig + Britni

What a wedding this was! Everything was gorgeous! Craig and Britni did an outstanding job pulling all the details together. Britni looked like a model – just stunning. And to go along with her beauty was an incredibly sweet and warm personality. She truly enjoyed her day stress free and joyfully. It was awesome to watch.

Craig was the same – just totally in love with Britni and excited to take on the day with her by his side. This couple could not have been a more fun couple to work with. And the bridal party might have been in the top 5 of my favorites to work with so far. Everyone was so easy to work with and fun to photograph. Some parties have too much alcohol by the time the photos are taken and can be a bit crazy to work with but this group of good looking people were happy, laid back, cooperative, and amazing to work with.

Ok… so I could probably go on all day about the gorgeous settings they chose for the wedding – the amazing red brick church, the Memorial Art Gallery (always a beautiful spot for wedding formals), the Marriott in Greece (goodness, they did an amazing job renovating that hotel! It’s beautiful! Way to go, Marriott!) – it all just came together.

Congrats to you both – I am so happy for you and absolutely loved spending the day celebrating the two of you!

Special thanks to my always amazing 2nd shooter, Olya Myers.

Wedding: Adin + Katrina

Adin and Katrina got married just 3 days ago on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful ceremony and the weather was absolutely perfect. This wedding was like a breath of fresh air for me. There was no rush. No crazy. Just Adin, Katrina, and 50 of their favorite people to celebrate with them. The day was simple and fun. It was relaxed. Everyone just enjoyed being there and soaked in every moment. I love these kind of weddings.
Adin and Katrina were so sweet together. It’s plain to see that they love each other deeply.

Wedding: Brian + Steph

I have known Brian and Steph for quite a few years. We attend the same church in Pittsford, NY. They have such a sweet and unique story to their relationship. One that seemed very unlikely. And yet, on Sunday morning they met at the altar and said “I do” to one another.
Steph wrote, “Our last decades have been filled with twists and turns, hills and valleys, and the constant awareness that we have a God who holds all things together despite our mindset. We both have been granted the long road of loss, heartache, and struggle… Little did we know all of those tears were being processed by an all knowing God who knew we needed time and healing that only He could bring. He wanted us looking to Him first before placing our weight on anyone or anything else… Fast forward 10 and 20 years. This is when we found the gift of each other that neither of us saw coming. We weren’t looking, but we were open to God. And that’s all God needed to give us a heart for each other.”
In the hour and a half I spent with them on Sunday, they stopped to pray 3 times. Prayers were said for one another, for their guests, for those who would be in the park. They prayed with tears of joy and thankfulness. It was beautiful and I was so honored to document part of their day.
Congratulations, Brian and Steph. I am so happy for you both and I celebrate you two wholeheartedly.

Wedding: JP and Julie

JP and Julie tied the knot on Saturday and it was one for the books!  Both the bride and groom were surrounded by a really fun and crazy group of people. The whole day was one big party and everyone grinned the whole day through. The wedding took place at St. Mary’s in Canandaigua and then we stooped at Belhurst Castle’s vineyard for some bridal party photos and finished at the Castle for the reception. The dance floor was packed the whole night and everyone let loose. It makes a photographer so happy to have a group of people like them on the dance floor – so fun.
JP and Julie, I’m so happy for you and I wish you both so much love and joy in your marriage.

Wedding: Chris + Alyssa

Hands down, this was THE MOST beautiful outdoor wedding I’ve been to. Chris and Alyssa killed it with every detail. They DIY’d literally everything! From the ceremony backdrop, to the custom made bar, to all the signage… every detail was carefully planned out and hand crafted. It was stunning.

Chris and Alyssa’s wedding was insanely fun. They had a quartet made up of family and friends sing “Be Our Guest” to kick off the reception and to welcome everyone to the party. They had a moscow mule theme with custom copper mugs for all their guests. They had homemade cookies and gourmet s’mores. And this all took place at the gorgeous Redmond House in Danville, NY which included beautiful landscaping with a pond and a killer scenic view of rolling hills in the distance.

Now on to the couple. They are truly delightful. Like the kind of people you just want to be friends with. They are so warm and welcoming, joyful, energetic, driven, kind, and fun. They enjoyed every ounce of their wedding day and I LOVED being a part of it. Weddings like this one make me feel crazy lucky that this is my job.

Congrats to you both, Chris and Alyssa! I hope your marriage is blessed and full of so much adventure and joy. Treasure one another always.