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Giving Back

Time to get real with you because honestly, it matters.

Blooming Branch is a company which was founded with the desire to first and foremost be a blessing to people.

People are immensely important and should be greatly loved. My role is to tell your stories through beautiful images, to celebrate your lives, and to give you pictures you’ll cherish through all seasons of life. I have believed from the beginning that my role does not end there, but can be used for even greater purposes.

That’s why Blooming Branch is passionate about loving others and making a difference in this dark world – to not only come against the darkness but to celebrate the light and love that coexist with it. One way is through supporting the efforts of fighting slavery and human trafficking through financial giving.

Blooming Branch is proud to support organizations fighting slavery and human trafficking.
Check out the largest international anti-slavery organization in the world,

Another way is this: Infant Loss Photography

There is a Jewish Proverb which says “Not to have felt pain is not to have been human” and how true is that? We all have and will walk through very painful experiences. One such experience that hits close to home for me is infant loss. A close friend of mine lost her twin boys halfway through pregnancy. In the middle of the night I took my camera, got into my car, and tried to prepare myself as I drove to the hospital to be with her and her husband. She delivered those precious boys and had a short window of time to meet and hold them for the first and last time. It was my honor to capture the memory and give them images to remember the boys by. Prayers, tears, presence, and photography were ways that I could honor those precious lives.

I would like to offer this gift to others as a way to support them in their time of loss and to preserve the memory of their child/children. 

If you or someone you know is going through the pain of expecting a still birth or a birth where the child is not
expected to get the chance to be brought home from the hospital, it would be my honor to gift a set of photos taken in the hospital with their child/children completely free of charge.

Please use the form below and I will be in touch.

Requesting this free session does not guarantee one will be granted. Sessions are offered at hospitals located in the greater Rochester area only. Factors such as availability, travel, circumstances outside of my control, and other
considerations may make the session not possible. A limited number of sessions are available.