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The Craft Family

Wedding: Adin + Katrina

Adin and Katrina got married just 3 days ago on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful ceremony and the weather was absolutely perfect. This wedding was like a breath of fresh air for me. There was no rush. No crazy. Just Adin, Katrina, and 50 of their favorite people to celebrate with them. The day was simple and fun. It was relaxed. Everyone just enjoyed being there and soaked in every moment. I love these kind of weddings.
Adin and Katrina were so sweet together. It’s plain to see that they love each other deeply.

Wedding: Colin + Ashlee

Colin and Ashlee got married this past Friday at the White House Lodge in Webster right on the lake. It was beautiful! They had a small outdoor ceremony with their closest people there to celebrate. They also had one of the most beautifully decorated tent receptions I have seen – kuddos to Nolan’s Party Rental! They served a Rochester classic for dinner – the famous garbage plate. And we got quite the incredible Lake Ontario sunset. All in all, a pretty killer day. Congrats, Colin and Ashlee – you guys are amazing and I wish you the absolute best.

Hair and Makeup by Kierstyn Brown, Diamond Expressions Studio