Wedding: Adam and Liz

Adam and Liz got married this past Saturday at Genessee Country Village and it was a beautiful day. The trees had started to change color and made for a gorgeous backdrop for their pictures. My favorite part was watching Adam as he watched his bride walk down the aisle – the look he had for her was so sweet. I had a great time spending the day with these two and all their friends and family. Congrats to the happy bride and groom!

1 thought on “Wedding: Adam and Liz

  1. Adam & Elizabeth Thorman says:


    These are amazing! I am so glad we had you both there to capture our wedding — especially on your birthday, Becky! Again, I wish I remembered (Liz did though), and I would have given you a piece of cake. I thought it in some way of wondering if you and Jess did get any regular cake, but I would have given you some of my groom’s cake (the little Navy one).

    Overall, we really appreciated the time and all these photos so far and look forward to see all of it. Without you guys, there wouldn’t be an extra type of memory. Capturing what you captured for what we see here, made us feel warm and brings more meaning to the day we all shared, celebrating LOVE. Best wishes on your next opportunities! Keep it up.

    Take care!

    Adam & Elizabeth Thorman <3


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