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Wedding: Brian + Steph

I have known Brian and Steph for quite a few years. We attend the same church in Pittsford, NY. They have such a sweet and unique story to their relationship. One that seemed very unlikely. And yet, on Sunday morning they met at the altar and said “I do” to one another.
Steph wrote, “Our last decades have been filled with twists and turns, hills and valleys, and the constant awareness that we have a God who holds all things together despite our mindset. We both have been granted the long road of loss, heartache, and struggle… Little did we know all of those tears were being processed by an all knowing God who knew we needed time and healing that only He could bring. He wanted us looking to Him first before placing our weight on anyone or anything else… Fast forward 10 and 20 years. This is when we found the gift of each other that neither of us saw coming. We weren’t looking, but we were open to God. And that’s all God needed to give us a heart for each other.”
In the hour and a half I spent with them on Sunday, they stopped to pray 3 times. Prayers were said for one another, for their guests, for those who would be in the park. They prayed with tears of joy and thankfulness. It was beautiful and I was so honored to document part of their day.
Congratulations, Brian and Steph. I am so happy for you both and I celebrate you two wholeheartedly.

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