Wedding: Chris + Alyssa

Hands down, this was THE MOST beautiful outdoor wedding I’ve been to. Chris and Alyssa killed it with every detail. They DIY’d literally everything! From the ceremony backdrop, to the custom made bar, to all the signage… every detail was carefully planned out and hand crafted. It was stunning.

Chris and Alyssa’s wedding was insanely fun. They had a quartet made up of family and friends sing “Be Our Guest” to kick off the reception and to welcome everyone to the party. They had a moscow mule theme with custom copper mugs for all their guests. They had homemade cookies and gourmet s’mores. And this all took place at the gorgeous Redmond House in Danville, NY which included beautiful landscaping with a pond and a killer scenic view of rolling hills in the distance.

Now on to the couple. They are truly delightful. Like the kind of people you just want to be friends with. They are so warm and welcoming, joyful, energetic, driven, kind, and fun. They enjoyed every ounce of their wedding day and I LOVED being a part of it. Weddings like this one make me feel crazy lucky that this is my job.

Congrats to you both, Chris and Alyssa! I hope your marriage is blessed and full of so much adventure and joy. Treasure one another always.

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