Wedding: Chris and Kimmy

Some couples you just know without a doubt that they were made for one another. Meet Chris and Kimmy. She is bubbly, sweet, genuine, and has incredible inward and outward beauty. He is kind, respectful, genuine and has a good sense of humor. As the wedding photographer you basically spend all day watching two people interact. It made my heart happy to watch the obvious deep love they have for each other but I also noticed the respect they carried for the other. You know a relationship is built to last when the couple both loves deeply and greatly respects each other. This wedding was perfect – from the weather, to the vintage, shabby-chic decor, to the joyful guests. Congrats, Chris and Kimmy – I am so happy for you two and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You’ve got quite the amazing, incredible journey in front of you and what could be better than walking those roads ahead hand-in-hand?

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