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Wedding: Cory + Kim

Cory and Kim chose to get married this past Friday at Bristol Harbour for the views and also because Kim is a born and raised Finger Lakes girl. The forecast was calling for storms and they were right. Not only was it 90 degrees outside (gross) but an hour before the outdoor ceremony was to begin, the clouds let loose. 10 minutes before the ceremony, it stopped. So staff quickly dried the chairs and the guests were seated. It drizzled just a bit, but then cleared up with just enough time for them to be married outside. At Bristol Harbour, there is an incredible view of Canandaigua Lake. As their ceremony was taking place, the storms were moving in and down the lake. There was thunder and bolts of lightning in the distance which made for a pretty incredible ceremony. As you can see from the images, there were storms all around in the distance, but that didn’t stop Cory and Kim from smiling and enjoying the moment.

Kim looked incredible. She was magazine ready. Kierstyn from Diamond Expressions Studios did a fantastic job with the girls – they looked amazing. During the pre-ceremony photos it was SO HOT that sweat was running down temples. And yet, you can see from the beginning to end, the hair and makeup withstood the rain and searing temps. It was super impressive.

Cory had such an easy-going attitude all day. He seemed to take in all the weather shenanigans and groom responsibilities and just roll with it. He walked through the day next to his bride with a calm and lighthearted attitude. I loved that.

The best moment for me as the photographer was to discover that after all the storms, the sunset emerged and we got an incredible rainbow during the reception. So of course, I took full advantage of that gorgeous light and backdrop. What a gift!

Cory and Kim, thank you for inviting me along to capture your wedding day – it was absolutely beautiful. You two are amazing and a perfect fit for one another. Go, adventure on, and keep the fire alive in your relationship. I know your families have set a pretty great legacy before you to follow and have no doubt your story is gonna be a great one.

  • Venue: Bristol Harbour
  • Hair/Makeup: Kierstyn, Diamond Expressions Studio (Makeup assisted by Mackenzie Dangler and hair assisted by Tracy Catlin)
  • Band: PopStyle Band (7 piece)
  • Florist: Kittelberger
  • Cake: Bristol Harbour
  • Dress: Lily’s, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • 2nd Photographer: Olya Myers

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