Wedding: Ethan + Lisa

Ethan and Lisa had a small, intimate wedding this past Thursday at Bristol Harbour. Unfortunately, mother nature decided to give them rain. But not just a drizzle… a monsoon. So their plans for a ceremony on the lawn was a wash. Literally. But my favorite moment of the day was when the mother of the bride came out to where the guests were waiting and said “Lisa is done waiting on the rain to pass. She just wants to get married!” So we quickly moved the ceremony site under the patio. As they stood in front of their family exchanging vows there was down pouring rain, thunder, lightning and flash flood warnings beeping on phones. But as you can tell by these pictures, neither Ethan or Lisa cared one bit about anything but marrying their best friend. How incredibly sweet. Congrats to you both – here’s to your love weathering all the storms you may face in the future. I hope you take them on as joyfully and lovingly as you did on your wedding day. 

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